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What is AARA?

Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA) defines AARA as actions taken to minimise barriers for students whose disability, impairment, medical condition, or other circumstances may affect their ability to respond or participate in assessment.  Students with a disability, impairment, medical condition, or other circumstances may be eligible for AARA.  The possible types of AARA available depend on a student’s individual circumstances and the assessment task.

Some common AARA include:

  • Providing alternative exam conditions, e.g., extra time, rest breaks and/or separate venues

  • Providing alternative-format papers, e.g. A4 to A3 enlargement, black-and-white materials

  • Providing assistive technology, e.g., screen reader and speech recognition application, magnification application

  • Providing a reader and/or scribe

  • Making illness and misadventure arrangements for examinations

Depending on a student’s individual circumstances, required documentation may include:

  • A school statement

  • A student statement (optional)

  • A medical report

  • Evidence of a verified disability

  • Other relevant evidence such as teacher observations, results from standardised academic testing, and where the condition is not medical other relevant official documentation, e.g., police reports, official notices.



If a student in Year 11 or 12 has a diagnosis of a Specific Learning Disorder e.g., Dyslexia, the school can apply to QCAA for AARA for that student’s senior assessments and examinations.  An updated confirmation of the diagnosis is required, usually by a registered psychologist.  The psychologist is required to complete a Confidential Medical Form confirming the diagnosis, indicating the student’s individual needs and recommending specific adjustments to meet the needs of the student.


Process for AARA

  • Meeting with parent/s and student

  • If testing has already been conducted, review and analysis of assessment report

  • Correspondence with key school personnel

  • Completion of Confidential Medical Form

Fees and Payment Process:

The cost of completion of the AARA medical form is $185.00.

An invoice will be sent to you via email following payment.

A 50% cancellation fee will apply unless at least 48-hour notice is provided.

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