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If a child is experiencing academic difficulties, a psycho-educational assessment is often recommended to determine the child’s intellectual ability, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and various academic skills.  The purpose of the assessment is to ascertain what the barriers to learning might be.  In many instances, the difficulties can be explained by an underlying specific learning disorder e.g., Dyslexia (reading disorder) or

Dyscalculia (math disorder), which is identified through the psycho-educational assessment process.  


Data from the psycho-educational assessment help to inform the most appropriate adjustments and accommodations in the classroom and targeted intervention strategies.  With understanding, knowledge and needs-specific support, children with academic challenges can have a positive educational journey where strengths are acknowledged and areas of difficulty, addressed.


The process of the psycho-educational assessment includes:

  1. A one-hour intake interview with the parent/s where family, medical and educational history is documented.

  2. Viewing and interpretation of all academic, medical, and allied health assessment reports

  3. Approximately 3 hours of testing broken down into 2 or 3 sessions depending on age (includes the administration of the WISC-V cognitive assessment and WIAT-III individual achievement test as well as other standardised testing dependent on presenting concerns)

  4. Viewing and interpretation of current and historical assessment data

  5. A one-hour feedback session with the parent/s

  6. A comprehensive psycho-educational assessment report (approximately 4 hours)


Fees and Payment Process:

The total cost of the psycho-educational assessment, including the initial intake interview (approximately 10-12 hours in total) is $1 850


Initial Fee:

$185 to be paid by Debit/Credit Card on the day of the parent/s intake interview.


  • $740 to be paid by Debit/Credit Card on the day of the first testing session with the child

  • $740 to be paid by Debit/Credit Card on the day of the second testing session with the child

  • $185 to be paid by Debit/Credit Card on the day of the feedback session with the parent/s​


An invoice will be sent to you via email following each payment.

PLEASE NOTE:  Assessment of attention, ADHD, executive functioning, intellectual disability, or autism spectrum tendencies, or the completion of an AARA Medical Form for senior schooling, will incur an additional fee.  This amount will be discussed and agreed upon by the client prior to commencement of assessment.

A 50% cancellation fee will apply unless at least 48-hour notice is provided.


NOTE:  Some private health funds may cover some sessions of the assessment process.  A Medicare rebate may be applicable for parts of the assessment process, depending on the case.  Neither testing nor report writing is covered by Medicare. Please enquire at the time of booking for which sessions you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate.

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